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Anael ([personal profile] whispersoflove) wrote2015-11-18 11:13 pm
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Anael started his descent once he believed himself to be round about London. He was only off by a few miles, and that was a quick enough flight when he was on his own, and didn't have to worry about his speed. It had been a few times, and he had finally got used to finding Coby's rooftop in the London landscape. He landed there easily, appearing and shedding his wings in the same breath, a hint of frost still in his hair as he headed for the door he was glad to find unlocked. He jogged down the few steps to Coby's door, then knocked on it happily. Hopefully. Coby wasn't always in, when Anael stopped by, and while the sun in the sky seemed to say that it was the early afternoon, Anael had hope.

Hope, and a smile on his face at the thought of possibly seeing Coby.

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