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Anael had been keeping an eye out for Alcuin without noticing him - until, of course, he spotted him with Hannibal, his attention drawn by the love radiating from the alcove. They were locked in a lover's embrace, for all that only one of them felt the warm sort of love Anael knew to recognise. There had been a flicker of something else for a second, coming from Hannibal, but it was gone as soon as it had sparked. It both warmed his heart and seeped cold into his bones, and he turned away to get another glass of wine from a passing waiter.

He had found Julie again in the crowd, and she was just telling him about this other party she was off to, and that he absolutely ought to come to. It was then that he spotted a flash of white in the crowd, making his way towards the exit, and he leaned in to kiss Julie's cheek, and gave her his warmest apologies, but there was a friend here that he had yet to catch, and she should make the most of her night. He would catch up with her if he could, but otherwise, she truly ought to seize the day.

Not that she needed him to tell her that.

He caught up with Alcuin, dressed in a white suit as Hannibal had described, the better to make him look... well, angelic, Anael supposed humans would call him. "Alcuin," he greeted him warmly, assuming that the mask on his features would not stop the young man from recognising him, as it had not stopped Hannibal. "Tell me you aren't on your way out already. I've been looking for you."
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