Feb. 3rd, 2017


Feb. 3rd, 2017 06:52 pm
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Coby had things to do, and after borrowing his phone to leave Sunny a message, Anael had let him go, after assuring him that he would be fine. No, really. He meant it. The mark on the top of his sternum still itched when he thought about it, or perhaps Anael itched around it. It felt like his entire being was trying, unsuccessfully, to push it off.

Once he was alone, he spent a long moment praying, then stopped when his stomach rumbled. Needing food, being hungry. These were new sensations for the angel. He had no idea how to cook anything, however, and turned away from Coby's cupboards and fridge, grabbing his boots to go outside.

He was on the lookout as he walked through the streets, every angelic sense focused on his surroundings. If they were going to try anything else, he was going to be ready for them. He was not sure how long he walked before he began to relax, trusting that he was not being followed. He found a street vendor and fished a note out of the pocket of his jeans to pay for a toastie. He ate as he walked, and only realised where his feet had taken him when he saw a familiar someone in just as familiar a coat walk out of a high tower a little way ahead of him.

Anael's feet slowed to a halt as he watched Jack, uncharacteristically unsure whether he wanted to see him or not.


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